Watch Me Die: Book By Dr. Bill Kimberlin

Watch Me Die by Dr. Bill Kimberlin

The new book Watch Me Die by Dr. Bill Kimberlin takes you behind
bars and into the minds of some of Ohio’s worst criminals, and it is on sale for the first time. He gives you a firsthand account of what a death-row inmate’s life consists of living on a cell block. Dr. Kimberlin will take you through the whole execution process step by step. When you are finished reading this book, you will be questioning your own beliefs and stance on capital punishment.

Watch Me Die by Dr. Bill Kimberlin is a firsthand account of Ohio’s death row and the state’s execution process unlike any other, and it is on bookshelves for the first time ever. With no bars, no shackles, and no chains, Kimberlin spends time one-on-one with some of Ohio’s worst killers to learn about their life on death row. Then he watches them die.

Discover What You Didn’t Know

In Watch Me Die, readers will see how these inmates think as Kimberlin not only spends time interviewing them but also eats meals with them and, in some cases, is the last person to speak to them before they are executed. You will see their artwork, their writings, and an inside look at their mindset as they prepare for their final days on this planet. These murderers are all dangerously normal, they blend into their surroundings. They could be your coworker, your neighbor, or even your own brother and you would never know it.

You will be walked through the full execution process, starting from when the inmate is placed on suicide watch and going until they are pronounced dead on the execution table.

Additionally, you will see the flaws in the system and be able to judge for yourself if the death penalty, as it is utilized today, is really worth pursuing.

Watch Me Die promises to take you into the depths of death row and into the minds of killers like no one else has ever been able to. By the time you are finished reading this book you will be questioning your own beliefs on capital punishment.

About the Author

Dr. Bill Kimberlin is highly educated in his field, with a master’s degree and a doctorate in clinical psychology. He also holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in criminal justice and sociology. He currently sits on a nine-county community-based correction facility board where he is in his second term of appointment. Dr. Kimberlin has co-authored textbooks in psychology and sociology. Watch Me Die is his first publication completed solely on his own.

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On sale now, Watch Me Die by Dr. Bill Kimberlin can be purchased at most online book retailers including, Amazon (print and digital),  as well as the signed edition which is available by clicking here.